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yesterday i went to glo's bday party!

there was mad people there so i wont even begin to name them cause i'm afraid i'll miss somebody. xD

it was pretty good. i sang a lot but most of the time sucked. xP w/e though... i like singing even though i'm not that good. i didn't dance at all though... i know that no one was judging anyone on how well everyone danced but still... i'm very self consious about that type of stuff. *shrug*

piano lessons are going pretty well... for some reason even though the teacher isn't teaching me much, it feels like i'm getting better! i dunno why though. sometimes it's a hassle going to piano lessons but sometimes i actually want to go.

my little cousins have been here a while now. it was one of their bdays yesterday! we got cheesecake for a cake. xD i dunno who gets cheesecake for a bday cake. apparently my sister does. :P i got him a t-shirt that taught you step by step how to skip school. i'm a good influence right? xP

i was feeling a bit down this morning but i feel pretty ok now. i think i'm gonna start putting my moods back in my post's. i'm gonna post a bit more often now.
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